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Asiatic Societies – Brief Overview November 12, 2011

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Asian societies are groups of scholars to study the geography and history, religion, customs, languages and literatures of Asia. The oldest such societies have been formed in Asia under the inspiration of European colonization. The Asiatic Society of Bengal, was founded in 1784 by W. Jones which published the famous “Asiatic Researches” (Calcutta 1788-1836, 20 vols).

Since 1832 it got replaced by the “Journal of the Asiatic Society” which since 1865 is published in two sections (a scientific and a philosophical/historical). Since 1846 under management of this society the “Bibliotheca Indica”, a collection of important source documents to the attention of the Orient has been published in Calcutta, In the 19th Century, many such companies in Europe, especially in England and France set up.