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Study Shows No Health Risk Associated with Using E cigarettes October 11, 2013

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An entirely new world opened up to smokers when electronic cigarettes were first introduced to the market in 2008. The products let smokers inhale nicotine enriched vapor without tar and the combustion of tobacco. Over the past three years dozens of companies selling such electronic devices surfaced and the variety of products and options can be overwhelming to consumers. E Cigarette review sites such as eCigBrandReviews offer smokers a way to sort through the jungle of options by providing user reviews and ratings, testimonials, and a buying guide describing what to look for. 

According to a recent study conducted by Drexel University the chemicals found in e cigarettes provide no negative health issues for those who use them or people around e cigarettes being used.  This study is the first to confirm the chemicals utilized during e cigarette usage provide no health risk. 

During the study thousands of examinations were conducted concerning the chemicals contained within the e cigarette vapor and liquid.  Researchers were able to prove the levels of impurities experienced by those who use e-cigarettes is well below what would cause any type of health concern.  They were also able to determine that any individuals regularly in an area of e cigarette usage are not at risk to experience any type of health problems. 

In the past there have been requests to restrict e cigarette usage in the same way as tobacco cigarettes because of health concerns.  This study has shown that there is no health issues associated with e cigarette usage.  It demonstrated that e cigarettes are 99 percent less toxic than smoking tobacco products.  Using them provides health benefits to any individual trying to replace their use of tobacco products. 

When nicotine is not consumed by smoking, it has been proven to not cause any type of disease.  The level of nicotine consumed during e cigarette usage has been determined to be a health risk on the level of excessive caffeine or sugar consumption.  The formaldehyde, acrolein, nitrosamines, metals, and ethylene glycol that are present in e-cigarette vapor were also shown to be of no harm to the health of a user or bystanderd.  The study concluded there is no health risks associated with acceptable limits of e cigarette usage.